Ants Control

Ants Control
Ants Control

Apart from being a nuisance value, ants are considered a health hazard. Because of our climate in India, any building is susceptible to ant infestation including factories, hospitals, hotels etc. Not only are they a nuisance, but they can they can tarnish your company's or establishment's good name.

Should they be left to migrate into production/packaging areas or into warehouses with finished product storage, they can potentially cross contaminate products with infections and disease carried on their bodies and in digestive tracts.

They will spoil appearance of goods by damaging packaging or can even gain access inside packaging to attack product.

To gain successful control of infestations, the species of ant would need to be identified, and survey of premises to ascertain main source or nesting areas and access points.

Some sites may need to consider regular prevention measures to protect from future infestations. Bug stop can provide the effective results you require.

Ant prevention, treatment, and control  Methods for treating ants will vary depending on the situation, i.e. extent of infestation, building structure and external surrounds.

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